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Dorothée Fournier


Professional Status

Open to opportunities

About Me

Doctoral student at the Grenoble Alpes University and financed by the Labex Item (Innovation and Mountain Territories), I'm related with the Sport and social environment Lab (SENS - EA 3742) and with Laboratoire de Recherche Historique Rhône-Alpes (LARHRA - UMR 5190). My researches revolve around the History of sports in mountain territory, social and cultural innovations, social Psychology and recreational sports through the prism of sustainable Development. I have a strong capacity of adaptation connected with a career which allowed me to be active and to obtain results. I spend 7 years managing the tourist office in Bourg d'Oisans. Master's degree in Economy in leisures and sports (Grenoble 2002), Master's degree in contemporary History (Grenoble, 2001), holder of a State Certified Sports Instructor in Alpine skiing (2000).



Labex Item - Grenoble Alpes University
Since May 2013
Responsibilities completed
  • THESIS (current project) : "Construction of a sports and leisure territory, redefining Oisans from 1960 up until today".

    Direction : Michaël ATTALI - Professor of Sports History and professor of Education sciences, manager of the VIP&S lab, Rennes 2 - associated researcher at the SENS lab, UFRAPS, Grenoble Alpes University, member of the Labex Item.

    Co-direction : Anne-Marie GRANET-ABISSET - Professor of contemporary History, Grenoble Alpes University, assistant manager of the LARHRA Lab in Grenoble. Team manager of the group "Society, Economy, Territories", member of the Labex Item.
Detailed Description

    Fournier, D. (2017). "L'innovation ordinaire ou l'invention du quotidien ? Selon Norbert Alter, selon Michel de Certeau", Séminaire pluridisciplinaire de l'ARSH, Université Grenoble Alpes, 8 mars 2017.

    Fournier, D. (2017). « La carte est le territoire. Trajectoire du massif de l’Oisans XIXe-XXIe siècles». Colloque international « La montagne, territoire d’innovation ». Cité des Territoires - Université Grenoble-Alpes,11-13 janvier 2017, Grenoble (38). http://www.labexitem.fr

    Fournier, D. (2016). « Visions et construction d'un territoire, l'Oisans dans les années 1960 ». En quête de territoire(s) ? - Looking for territories ? Colloque du Collège International des Sciences du Territoire (CIST), 17-18 mars 2016, Grenoble (38).

    Fournier, D. (2016). « Outlooks and construction of a territory. Oisans during the 1960S ». Seconde Université Internationale d’Hiver du Labex Item, 27-30 janvier 2016, Autrans (38).

    Fournier, D. (2015). « Le rôle des moniteurs de ski dans l'Oisans. Le cas de l'ESF des Deux Alpes des années 1980 à nos jours ». Les Doctorales de l'innovation. Structure Fédérative de Recherche INNOVACS, 27 novembre 2015, MSH-Alpes, Grenoble (38).

    Fournier, D. (2015). « Le rôle des moniteurs de ski de l'ESF des Deux Alpes des années 1980 à nos jours : adaptation et contribution à l'évolution de l'offre de services. Impacts sur la territorialité ». Tourisme et Distribution. Journée d'étude du LARHRA, 27 novembre 2015, MSH-Alpes, Grenoble. (38).

    Fournier, D. (2015). « La construction d'un territoire de sports et de loisirs : l'Oisans de 1960 à nos jours au prisme du concept d'innovation ». Présentation de l'avancée de la recherche. Séminaire du Laboratoire Sport et Environnement Social (SENS) - UFRAPS, 15 octobre 2015, Grenoble (38).

    Fournier, D. (2015). « Le rôle des moniteurs de ski dans l'Oisans. Le cas de l'ESF des Deux Alpes de 1980 à nos jours ». Communication au colloque anniversaire des 70 ans de l'Ecole Nationale de Ski et d'Alpinisme, 12 juin 2015, ENSA, Chamonix (74).

    Fournier, D. (2015). « Le rôle des moniteurs de ski de l'ESF des Deux Alpes (1980-2015). Une illustration de la construction et des redéfinitions d'un territoire de sports et de loisirs, l'Oisans de 1960 à nos jours ». Poster scientifique. Journée de l'Ecole doctorale Ingénierie pour la Santé, la cognition et l'Environnement, 1e juin 2015, Grenoble (38).

    Fournier, D. (2015). « Entre permanences et mutations, identité et légitimité d'une profession : les moniteurs de l'ESF des Deux Alpes en Oisans de 1980 à nos jours ». Identité(s) et légimité(s). Journée d'étude des doctorants du LARHRA, 29 avril 2015, MSH-Alpes, Grenoble. (38).

    Fournier, D. (2014). « La construction d'un territoire de loisirs sportifs, les redéfinitions de l'Oisans au cours du XXe siècle ». Poster scientifique. Espace forum. présentation des projets de recherche du Labex Item, 1e juillet 2014, MSH-Alpes, Grenoble (38).

    Fournier, D. (2014). « Les pratiques de sport et de loisirs de montagne. Approche par les territoires. Etat de l'Art ». Université internationale d'Hiver du Labex Item, 29-31 janvier 2014, Col de Porte, Sarcenas (38). http://www.labexitem.fr/formations/universite-internationale-dhiver
    - Participation to the historical fresco " Montagnes Magiques. A hundred year of tourism on screen" in cooperation with the National Audiovisual Institute (INA), France. http://fresques.ina.fr/montagnes/accueil - Sept. 2014.

    - " Visions et construction d'un territoire, l'Oisans au cours des années 1960 ". Actes du Colloque " En quête de territoire(s) ? - Looking for territories ? " - Collège International des Sciences du Territoire (CIST), 17-18 mars 2016, Grenoble (38). http://cist2016.sciencesconf.org/77198/document

    - " Le rôle des moniteurs de ski dans l’Oisans. Le cas de l’ESF des Deux Alpes des années 1980 à nos jours". Ouvrage collectif. Sous la direction de Michaël Attali.. Colloque - 70 ans de l'Ecole Nationale de Ski et d'Alpinisme, P.U.G., juin 2015.
Company Description

Within The "Laboratory of Excellence and Innovation in Mountain Territories " (LabEx ITEM), the territories of mountain are thought as leading laboratories to observe, analyze phenomena, current situations, and experiment solutions or proposals in a co-construction with the various categories of actors

Company website


Internal communications manager

Oisans Tourisme
August 2012 to April 2013
Responsibilities completed
  • Internal communication of the structure : presentation of the missions and the actions of Oisans Tourisme. Watch and information search targeting the public and socio-professional players to draft and fill various media supports: print, web, press relationships.
  • Watch and update different websites oisans.com, bike-oisans.com, montagne-oisans.com and edition.
  • Involvment in professional workshops and tourist document swap and document managing.
  • Personalised accompanying of touristic structures in their use with the database APIDAE database (ex-SITRA), managing APIDAE database informations for Oisans Tourism.
Company Description

Oisans Tourisme is a public industrial and commercial institution (EPIC) set up by the " Communauté de communes de l'Oisans". Its main mission is to promote tourism at Oisans scale in coordination with the tourist offices of the territory and the local elected representatives.
- Editing touristic documentation and practical guides (touristic anc tour maps, sports guides as cycling, mountain-biking, and alpinism, refuges accomodation guide, leisurs guide, programm of events).
- Realization of the general websites as oisans.com and thematic oriented website : www.bike-oisans.com, www.montagne-oisans.com
- Organisation of events: Oisans trail, Jeudis des Refuges de l’Oisans, Professional meeting for Oisans touristics structures.
- Welcome signposts on the territory
- Press relations and general public fairs,
- Installation of timekeeping terminals for cyclists,
ont the whole area.
- Creation of a "Oisans Savoir-Faire" raod bringing together producers, craftmen, artists and museum. www.route-savoir-faire-oisans.fr

Company website



Le Dauphiné Libéré
2011 to 2014
Responsibilities completed
  • Report the current events about Oisans and particularly Bourg d'Oisans.
  • Collect information from various publics (culture and sports associations, individuals, public entities, companies). Be a force of proposals.
  • Target subjects : The Ecrins national park (some articles appeared in departmental pages), environment, sustainable development, school life, municipal action, portraits.
Company website


Commercial attachée

Dorothée Fournier
August 2011 to November 2011
Responsibilities completed
  • Commercial approach and selling advertising space to local merchants
  • Design adversiting inserts (photoshop)
  • Coordinate various partners wishes and expects.

Field interviewer

Côté Clients
January 2012
Responsibilities completed
  • Interview novice to confirmed skiers for a mass-distribution store.
Company website


Ski and Snowboard instructor

Ecole du ski français Les Deux Alpes ski school
Since December 1996
Responsibilities completed
  • Teach several French, English and Spanish-speaking a sport containing a strong technicality
  • Lead and animate a group
Company website



Bourg d'Oisans Tourist office
September 2004 to April 2011
Responsibilities completed
  • Elaborate and implement local touristic policy
  • Promote Oisans as an attractive destination by organizing events and communication actions
Detailed Description
  • Animate and implement press relations.
  • Write press releases and press kits and organise press days.
  • Elaborate various communication medium : brochures, PLV, websites. Master the graphic process. Use Photoshop.
  • oversee the logo project and the revision of the website to enhance the municipality's identity
  • generate a preference for the destination by an automatic appearance on social networks and a daily update of the tourist office's blog
  • Represent the structure with different partners
  • To conduct customer satisfaction surveys (Sphinx), Analyze to guide future management decisions.
  • Develop promotion activities through local radio partners
  • Prospect, develop partnership
  • Setting-up the tourist office quality approach and support with partners
  • Develop the reputation of the destination by organizing sports events
  • Develop a policy position on winter by creating a ski ticket sales area and implementing a naturally frozen ice rink
  • Manage the budget programming (260 000€)
  • Fill in the forms to obtain subsidies
  • Manage the staff and et recruit seasonal employment
  • Analysis of income statements and taking of minutes
Company website


Sports event manager

Oisans Tourisme
April 2003 to June 2003
Responsibilities completed
  • Organize Mountain bike international and national events
  • Develop parterships and canvass partners
  • Organize various medium supports in relation with communication agency (flyers...)
  • Set up the safety device
  • Coordinate safety device partners
Company website



Bourg d'Oisans Tourist Office
April 2003 to June 2003
Responsibilities completed
  • Receive, identify and orient visitors. Inform on services and on the area and update information.

Activities manager

Bourg d'Oisans Tourist Office
July 2003 to September 2003
Responsibilities completed
  • Develop and apply the activities program in close cooperation with the local partners.
  • Manage the team, and work with the volunteers

Territorial agent regarding "physical activity and sports"

Régional council Rhône-Alpes
June 2001 to September 2001
Responsibilities completed
  • Set up the conventions signed between the Region and the sports Leagues
  • Conceive an informatic database
Detailed Description
  • Master's internship. Intership report : " Conventions d'objectifs Région Rhône-Alpes/Ligues sportives. De l'exploitation d'une base de données à la mise en place de bilans annuels d'exécution ". Under the direction of Professor Liliane Bensahel.
Company website